kim jestem

Interior Designer by profession 

A craftsman by passion


I make furniture and interior accessories based on my own projects.

In my work I am looking for innovative, unconventional solutions,
while having in mind the functionality and ergonomics of the products.


Crafts have fascinated me since I can remember.

Even as a small boy I dreamed of even a small workshop,
where I could spend time tinkering.

After graduating from high school, I studied Interior Design at the University of Technology in Białystok,
where I learned, among others, how to use graphics programs and the design process.

After receiving the diploma, I spent several months traveling and undertaking
various temporary work, so I had the opportunity to observe how people live
in different parts of the world, and draw inspiration from different cultures.

I settled in Wrocław, where I continued my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Using the well-equipped workshops belonging to the university, I learned about technologies
machining various materials and I had the opportunity to create myself
the forms I designed.

While working on studies related to the field of study and side projects
I became fascinated with design and the process of manufacturing utilitarian items.

I decided to open my own studio where I could implement further ideas.

After leaving the walls of the university, together with a few other craftsmen I took up
space in the industrial part of Wrocław, where I currently make original furniture
and interior accessories.

I am constantly gathering knowledge, tools and materials to get the most out of it
implement further projects