Self-watering flower pot KOM POT SWING (12 cm)


Have you ever dried out or shed your potted plant?

… I also

  • Thanks to the KOM POT pot, you don't have to remember when it was last watered.
  • The self-irrigation system maintains a constant level of soil moisture.
  • Leaving home for a few days, you don't have to ask your neighbors to take care of your home jungle.


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Self-watering flower pot KOM POT (12 cm)


How do you know how much water your plant needs?

The water requirements of individual specimens depend, inter alia, on:

  • plant species
  • the size of the plant
  • air temperature
  • air humidity
  • insolation
  • weather
  • Seasons


For this reason, the right amount of water and the frequency of watering can be difficult, even for experienced home gardeners.


Capillary irrigation system with which the KOM POT pot is equipped

allows the plant to take up exactly as much water as it needs,

thanks to which you can easily provide her with appropriate living conditions.




  • Place the steel stand inside the pot
  • Drive the irrigation wick into the soil through the hole in the bottom of the delivery pot
  • Place the plant with the production pot inside the KOM POT
  • Through the inlet on the outside of the pot, fill the tank inside with water.
  • Thanks to the water level indicator you will know when it is time to refill it.


The included irrigation wick transports water from the inside of the pot directly to the soil in the (inner) production pot, ensuring constant and optimal substrate moisture.


A stainless steel stand separates the (inner) production pot from the water tank below, which prevents the roots from rotting and soil from entering the water supply.


This type of irrigation prevents the plant from overflowing or drying out, and significantly extends the time between waterings.


Don't overdo it

The stiffened wick included in the set can be easily driven into the soil through any hole in the production pot, without the need to replant the plant.





  • Square recesses on the four sides of the cubic body give it lightness, both visually and in terms of actual weight.


  • The pot is hung on a sturdy jute rope approx. 2 meters long, which you can tie to a hook, bracket, beam, or anything else in the wall or ceiling that will support the weight of the pot (approx. 2 kg).


  • The water level indicator, which also functions as an inlet, thanks to its extraordinary form attracts attention and gives the interior a unique character.



  • All Mr. Kracy is made by hand, on the basis of original projects and based on specially developed production technologies.


  • Due to the hand-made and the specificity of the materials in the process, the individual copies are slightly different, which makes each of them unique and exceptional.


  • Polish product.


  • Czas realizacji: 2 – 7 dni roboczych




Height: 15 cm

Depth: 15 cm

Width: 15 cm

Rope Length: about 2 meters (excess can be cut off)



Diameter: 12.5 cm

Depth: 13 cm - 2 cm (removable stand) = 11 cm




about 2 kg




  • concrete (flower pot)
  • copper (water level indicator and decorative panels)
  • acrylic glass (water level indicator)
  • acid-resistant steel (support for the inner pot)
  • jute rope 
  • brass (irrigation wick)
  • polypropylene string (irrigation wick)





The self-watering pot will be perfect for plants that like constantly moist soil, such as:

ivy, fern, mint, basil, asparagus, chamedora, winged flowers, ficus

Before use, check the requirements of your plant.


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