Wieszak na ubrania COPPERNIK BRASS


A free-standing clothes hanger with a shoe shelf from the collection of COPPERNIK modular furniture

A frame made of copper pipes inspired by industrial structures,

connected with wooden connectors,

stiffened with stainless steel rods.




COPPERNIK clothes hanger with a shelf for shoes


Time to put your shoes and clothes in order?

Hide them deep in the closet,

or display them with the COPPERNIK series hanger, making them a decoration of your interior.




  • The shelf made of durable oiled plywood will help you organize your shoes and boxes or suitcases.


  • The unusual form of the hanger attracts attention, but does not overwhelm the interior in which it is located


  • The selection of materials definitely distinguishes the hanger from other furniture of this type.


  • The coat hanger from the COPPERNIK series looks great both in industrial interiors and in more classic arrangements.


  • The piece of furniture can also be used in the form of a flower bed (by hanging the flowing plants on a pole and placing the pots on a wooden shelf)




  • All Mr. Kracy is made by hand, on the basis of original projects and based on specially developed production technologies.


  • Due to the hand-made and the specificity of the materials in the process, the individual copies are slightly different, which makes each of them unique and exceptional.


  • Polish product.


  • Delivery time: 1-3 weeks



  • oiled plywood (the shelf)
  • copper (pipes)
  • brass (stiffening bars and knurled nuts)
  • galvanized steel (bolts, nipples and threaded rod)




Height: 156 cm

Width: 100 cm

Depth: 48 cm

Shelf height above the floor: 29 cm



  • I send the hanger in easy-to-fold parts.


  • I attach to the order a link to the video in which I show the process of assembling the furniture step by step.


  • I make the hanger to order


  • time of production: about 1-3 weeks


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