BRASSIL table (60x100x45)


Unikalny stolik kawowy oparty na konstrukcji z rur i prętów mosiężnych,

perfect for those who appreciate unique design and functionality.





  • Durable and light form inspired by industrial structures


  • The outstanding form definitely distinguishes the bookcase from most furniture available on the market.


  • Natural materials and the lack of decorations make the furniture fit into almost any interior style.




  • All Mr. Kracy is made by hand, on the basis of original projects and based on specially developed production technologies.


  • Due to the hand-made and the specificity of the materials in the process, the individual copies are slightly different, which makes each of them unique and exceptional.


  • Polish product.


  • Delivery time: 1-5 weeks




  • Depth: 60 cm
  • Width: 100 cm
  • Height: 45 cm




  • Mosiądz: rods with a diameter of 8 mm and 3 mm
  • Wood: Cubic connectors made of durable beech wood.
  • Plywood: Shelves made of durable plywood 15 mm thick, impregnated with oil, emphasizing the natural pattern of the wood



Montaż mebli z serii BRASSIL jest wyjątkowo szybki i łatwy.

Zamiast papierowej instrukcji dostaniesz link do krótkiego filmu na którym zobaczysz montaż mebla krok po kroku.

Klucz do dokręcenia śrub montażowych wchodzi w skład zestawu.


Potrzebujesz mebla o niestandardowej formie, wymiarach albo wykończeniu ?

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rods and bolts

brass, stainless steel


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