Do you have anything to lean on
all those books you can't resist?

Brak w magazynie


Books are a great source of knowledge and entertainment,
properly displayed, they can also decorate your interior

Bookends BOOKARESZT will allow you to organize your literature collection
in an easy and elegant way.


  • A support made of 15 mm plywood will help you to properly display your book collection


  • Its surface has been treated with oil, which emphasizes the natural pattern of the wood.


  • A slightly shimmering copper ring placed in the center of a wooden support is a unique and elegant accent.


  • The lower part of the support is made of stainless steel, the edges of which have been rounded to prevent scratching the surface of the furniture.



  • height: 20 cm
  • width: 20 cm
  • depth: 10 cm



  • oiled plywood
  • copper
  • stainless steel


The price is for one piece


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