Flower pot EDI


Beautiful plants deserve the right setting

Brak w magazynie



Concrete pot / EDI pot

with brass panels



  • Square recesses on the four sides of the cubic body give it lightness, both visually and in terms of actual weight.


  • The panels made of brass sheet, placed on the sides of the pot, have been manually matted and oxidized, thanks to which they have acquired a slightly "antique" character.


  • The pot has 4 "through" holes (8 mm in diameter) so that, if necessary, you can thread a string through them and use it as a hanging pot.

  • Soft felt pads placed on the bottom of the pot protect the top surface from scratching.




  • All Mr. Kracy is made by hand, on the basis of original projects and based on specially developed production technologies.


  • Due to the hand-made and the specificity of the materials, the individual pieces differ slightly, which makes each of them unique and exceptional.


  • Polish product.


  • Czas realizacji: 2 – 7 dni roboczych




Height: 15 cm

Depth: 15 cm

Width: 15 cm



Diameter: 12 cm

Depth: 13 cm




about 2 kg




  • concrete (flower pot)
  • brass (decorative panels)


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